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2012:Events of Nanjing Zhongchao New Materials Corporation 2014-01-26

1、On January 19, 2012, got the trademark license 、淳、宜

2.On February 1st, 2012, Nanjing Zhongchao New Materials Corporation held annual session of the second board, and the board of supervisors of 2011.


3.On March 23th, 2012, the first main equipment - STS96/250 double squeeze molding machine in crosslinking material workshop was accepted into the factory, which marks the company formally entered the equipment installation phase.


4.On June 30th 2012, the office building was put into use.



 5.From July 2012, the installation of each production line is complete and company entered commissioning stage

6.On August 17th, 2012, the technical quality department took strick test on the first batch of 10 KV peroxide crosslinking polyethylene insulation material products one by one and the product were qualified, which marks the company move from commissioning stage to the trial production period after a month of process and equipment debugging.


7.On August 20th, 2012, the company set up the party branch. Chen Youfu is the secretary.


8.On November 30, 2012Nanjing Zhongchao New Materials Corporation trade union held the Second Member (employee) Congress.Kong Weimin, Bai Jianmei, Xu Xiaoying, Yang Peijie, Zhang Jianpeng, Chen Hong, and Lin Hui were elected to be the trade union committee members, and Lin Hui was the chairman ;Bai Jianmei, Shi Chunyu, Chen Fujun were elected as the member of Fund inspection committees, and Bai Jianmei was the director; Comrade Lin Hui, Zhu Yuhua, Cao Shuyou were elected as the member of female worker committee.


9.On December 18th 2012, the company set up the youth corps cell, Yang Peijie was the secretary



10.In December 2012, company won the "hundred thousand optimal grassroots youth league" title by provincial party committee of the communist youth league in Jiangsu province.



11.In December 2012, the company won the “The Model Home of Worker ” title by the federation of trade unions of Nanjing.



12.In December 2012, the company won the title of "Youth Civilization".by the league committee of Gaochun.